Bhindilu - Quick Curry  

If you haven’t tried Bhindilu and you are a curry fan, then might I suggest our version of a Kasundi. With a chutney like texture and big on flavour without the kick of heat.

(Also suitable as a dip with crackers and cheese or chips if you want to go European style or fantastic with onion bhaji and poppadoms if you are having a traditional curry meal)

In this case I have made the Bhindilu my curry base, so quick and simple.

500g pre 1 1 cooked chicken, diced/shredded&amp;lt;br ?--&gt;300ml bottle Bhindilu&lt;br ?-->1 Onion<br ?-->1 Can Coconut Milk or Cream Optional

  • Cook off the onion, add the chicken and heat through
  • Add the Bhindilu and heat through until simmering
  • If you like a creamy curry this is where you can add the coconut milk/cream
  • Bring to the simmer and then serve
  • Add coriander, spring onions or your favourite topping
  • Serve hot on rice with poppadoms on the side